To The Boy

To The Boy

To the boy whose cheeks burnt with tears…


Nancy Boy

Big Girls Blouse

He who’s not allowed to indulge in emotions

No crying


Don’t make a sound; that’s it swallow it down.

They’ll tell you you’ll turn out just like him, if only you knew who ‘He’ was.

The minds imprint taken only from photographs, no smell, touch or memory; no comment to pass…only fears to dwell on.

You took it as given that’s who you are.

No good…Simply rotten to the core, nothing of any significance that’s you a bi-product, mistake, a bastard…a devil child; that’s who!!

The anger it festered, it bubbled inside; it grew with you to the size of the door. No longer able to contain the volcano of vitriol, hate and I’m sure…the re-living of every single detail of the terrible things you endured.



It will ring in your ears like a bell.

So you push it away and swallow back the intensity of the swell.

The tidal wave will take you over, if you drop that guard, now the pain turns to anger how long can you keep it behind that façade?

Broad shoulders to carry the weight of the world…stiff upper lip, no sharing of thoughts or feelings, a void where a heart should live; or so you think!

You’re allowed to be open and honest.

You don’t need permission of course.

You CAN express your emotions take down the brick wall course by course.

Vulnerability’s not reserved just for females, and that is an actual truth.

No need to carry a globe on your back…no-one needs definitive proof of your strength as a man.

Because ultimately, all of those messages they fed you, when they told you that you can’t do this because you’re a boy; But You Can!!


By Saira-Jayne Jones

Posted in Poems.

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