LATE AT NIGHT by Jackie McCartney

Jackie McCartney is a care experienced adult, mother of two successful adult children and a caregiver who attended Your Life Your Story 2019. These are her powerful words…

How dare you talk in bed
How dare you make a noise
You’ve been told to be quiet
One to many times….
Grabbed by the hair on your head
Made to stand alone
The long hallway, dark and cold
Your body is tired
Your legs no longer hold your weight
You fall to the ground
Grabbed by the hair on your head
Made to stand alone
But this time it’s their bedroom
Your body is tired
Your legs unsteady
You dare not move
Or even breath
Being a child is so hard
And full of pain….

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  1. Brutal, raw, real and vivid, painful distressing remnant of a trauma filled childhood, living in fear of violence, abuse and degradation, as a child this is inconceivable I’m so proud you’ve found the words to articulate this from deep in your soul, it takes immense strength and courage to let the world see your pain and anguish, I hope you continue to write, effortlessly there is no shame in speaking your truth no matter how ugly, messy real lived and overcome, the world needs to know the generations before us suffered, in silence for years and their experiences form part of our unique history

  2. Your words touched me in a way you may not realise. Deep, real, heartbreaking and emotional. You having the strength and talent to write these poems, helps others in ways you may not have guessed. Thank you.

  3. You really should put your collection in print Jackie. For me personally and I’m sure for many, your words invoke all that was wrong with our childhoods. . So obviously very emotional reading but a sense of strength from your words that we did not suffer alone, we survived. . But also sadness for those that didn’t make it. . Sadness for our lost childhood. .sadness and anger at parents, abusers, care system. Must admit to few tears here . X

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