A Colour Full Life ‘A tribute to Yusuf Paul’ by Tasmin Trevorrow

From this window, like the moon, we close the distance

The distance between you and our collective sorrow

With thoughts and verse, a kaleidoscope of painted hues that we somehow hope will capture the essence The essence of you.

Man of purple: the serene stability of blue transcending all inflicted wounds

bleeding calm instead of hate combined with the fierce energy of red resolute committed fixed certain uncompromising.

Representing wisdom and dignity both of which you treasured.

Power and ambition both of which you grasped.

Devotion and creativity both of which you lived.

Man of Black: without black all colours have no depth

No depth or variation

Representing Strength and Authority both of which you embodied

Elegance and sophistication both of which you carried so well.

Like the first flash of dawn you brightened our lives with the colour of hope,

hope that our united voice could make a difference.

That our swallowed pain could come forth in restorative truth manifested into life giving

power… Power and strength for future generations of the forgotten child.

You took the box full of darkness meant to destroy you and peeled it from your innocence

You found an adventure of colour in penned word and painted canvas

You brightened everything with your passion

Though your days with us were brief you brought life love and peace

We will not look for you only in memory

We will see you in in every inspired work of art

In every poem of justice hoped for and truth told

In every beautiful rhythm of world music echoing eternal tones

Although we now grieve your loss

You will always dwell in that sacred place

Of our collective love

Where no wraith of loss will ever be able to hold you captive again

May you continue to inspire us

Until we again see your beautiful face

In that place where no tear falls and there are no more goodbyes

Until then we will salute you and celebrate your life full of colour

Your Colour Full Life.

Taz Trev

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