A guiding light of hope…

Your Life Your Story celebrate the success of another care experienced author. Jarone Macklin-Page tells readers that ‘The Founder Seeds: Awakening’ is a story that was born in the time that he lived in the care sector, “a world where, unfortunately, for too many, their dreams often die.” Jarone tells us that the book was born in defiance, and is… “For all of you who deserve to dream, and who are capable of more than you know.”

“Without the love and support I was shown from the care sector, my dreams would have been lost, like so many others.”

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The Phoenix

In times of doubt and confusion the phoenix symbolises strength, transformation and renewal. For only from the ashes of who we were, can we rise up to become who we’re to be.

This inspirational artwork has been donated to Your Life Your Story by artists Saira-Jayne Jones and Yusuf Paul McCormack known collectively as ‘Artifacts’ who facilitated a creative workshop at Your Life Your Story 2019.

Our task was to make the branches of our ‘Positivtree’
We were instructed to take four luggage labels and to think about two negative words used by others to describe us and two positive words and to write each word on the labels selected. On completion we were invited to take the labels bearing negative words and shred them in the paper shredder provided. The labels with the two positive words we had written became the leaves on our branch of the ‘positivitree’ which we decorated in colourful ribbons and trinkets.

What we didn’t know…
The labels bearing the negative names we had shredded at the end of the workshop were to be carefully constructed to create this amazing picture of the phoenix rising from the book. It captures the very essence of Your Life Your Story.

Unleashing the power of relationships and the untold story


Letters to the Little People

Your Life Your Story is off to Windsor this week to the INTERNATIONAL annual conference of  THE CONSORTIUM FOR THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES to deliver a workshop. 

Care experienced poet and activist, Tasmin Trevorrow-Earl, care experienced artist and poet Yusuf McCormack and care experienced poet, artist and qualified social worker, Saira-Jayne Jones will be inviting participants to hold on to their seats, lean in and open their ears, as Your Life Your Story transports them on an emotive, profound and immersive journey into the ‘care’ experience through the decades of their lived experience; using narrative, poetry, verse and spoken word.


A Date For Your Diary


19th to 26th NOVEMBER 2019

Proudly announcing the rebranding of the first Your Life Your Story inspired book and BOOK BLOG TOUR organised by  Anne Cater a successful book blogger, and reviewer for some of the largest publishing houses, including Penguin, Harper Collins and Orion as well as smaller independent houses such as Orenda Books, No Exit Press and Arcadia. 

Ann has twenty years experience in the Voluntary Sector and is passionate about the value of volunteering, enabling people to make changes in their communities and having their voice heard.

Ready for the Bookshops

Proudly announcing that the first YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY inspired book Oi You F*cker has been rebranded and is ready for sale in bookshops. If you have a copy of the first edition hang on to it and watch this space.

Proceeds from first edition book sales have been generously donated by the author to YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY 2019 the third annual care leavers week event that brings care experienced adults and caregivers together with published authors, poets and exhibited artists to learn the techniques of storytelling through the arts. 

Free places are available to care experienced adults and caregivers with artistic and literary aspirations and YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY welcomes contributions from new authors and artists for publication on this website.

For more information contact the editor amanda@ylys.org.uk  





YLYS welcomes new author David Anderson

As a child I resided in a wide range of so-called ‘care’ settings then went on to experience homelessness and prison before managing to get myself on a more positive trajectory – in no small part due to positive relationships based on true care and love. Following a return to education I worked as a youth worker before completing a Social Work Master. More recently, I completed a research degree with a focus on improving educational services for young people experiencing care and am currently working towards designing a relationship-based training course for this purpose. At the moment, I teach Social Work students and Social Educators and my wife and I are in the process of setting up a farm so we can offer a space to people to experience time with animals and nature within a safe place. I also volunteer with Who Cares? Scotland, a charity that pushes for real and lasting change to the care system.

I love to read and write and am in awe of the power words have to change lives for the better. I believe sharing our experiences of care through the written word can encourage understanding of the prevalent issues and provoke change in the minds of those who need it. By taking ownership of our stories we can control the narrative.

National Diversity Awards

Team YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY  2019 will be shining a light on the event at the National Diversity Awards in Liverpool on Friday 20th September. The event is supported by ITV and will be live streamed on https://www.youtube.com/ITVNews from 9pm. It was an opportunity, not to be missed, to raise awareness and promote this unique free event that brings care experienced adults and caregivers together with published authors, poets and exhibited artists in a ‘safe’ space to learn the techniques of storytelling through the arts. Whether writing for cathartic reasons, to share with family or to be published YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY unleashes the power of relationships and the untold story… in the famous words of Maya Angelou, “There is no greater burden than bearing an untold story inside of you.” Participants at YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY 2019 will be welcomed by care experienced, Rosie Canning, author and researcher from Oxford University. The programme includes an audience with David Jackson author of the first YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY inspired book  ‘Oi You..”, workshops with Artifacts and Taz Trevorrow and a masterclass delivered by award winning poet Joelle Taylor.