Below are a selection of poems and short stories we have been asked to share.

The Panel Hearing by David Anderson

Plush carpet versus plimsole shoes

Large antique desk and me in short trews

Crew cut hair and snotty nose

Scabby knees and raggedy clothes

Lay people sitting down

Caring, yet put-on frowns

A social worker reads her report

Anxiety begins its choke

They talk as if they know me well

I send them all to an imaginary hell

It’s fight or flight that’s in my mind

Oh, why oh why is life unkind

So, I stand and shout and shout and swear

Scatter their desk and throw my chair

‘Fuck you all, you don’t know me’

From grabbing hands, I try to break free

I wriggle and turn and squirm and struggle

Is it life or me that’s nowt but trouble

So it’s off to the residential home I go

To which end I could not know

A new beginning is what they said

A complete mess is what they made



National Poetry Day 3 October 2019

The theme is TRUTH….

It was my duty to report but I could

Not foresee

When whistleblowing met closed ranks

Detriment would silence me

That individuals entrusted to

Prevent harm

Courting vested interest

Would fail to raise alarm

As I reflect on experience

Justice denied

Determination rises in me

It’s time to set aside

Fear that forces compliance to

Silence TRUTH

Designed without a qualm for

Victims of epidemic abuse

We have the strength to

Defeat injustice

Stories shared will validate

Abuse that was corrupted

Then our amplified voices

Will influence

Change needed

To prevent future offence

So, we can live in hope

Of no more trauma

Suffered from the consequence

Of power inflicted drama

Amanda Knowles MBE

September 2018

My Care Family

Different yet the same

Individual and unique

Voices shared by many

Empower and embrace

Respect for one another

Sharing our humanity

Inspiring never tiring

Together we will

Yield peace in society


Amanda Knowles MBE